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IT and Cybersecurity Academy

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Whenever we go online—to shop, chat with our friends, or do anything else—we put ourselves at risk of cybercrime. Computer viruses can corrupt our files, hackers can steal our data, and criminals can trick us into revealing sensitive information. IT & Cybersecurity is an emerging, rapidly expanding science that addresses problems in the fundamental understanding of the design, development, implementation, and life-cycle support of secure information systems. These online courses provide students with the skills employers need to solve cyber security threats in the present and beyond.

IT and Cybersecurity Academy Courses

CompTIA A+ Certification 901 & 902

CompTIA A+ certification is an internationally recognized, vendor-neutral certification that many employers consider a prerequisite for entry-level IT employment. This course is the complete solution for A+ exam preparation. This course provides everything needed to understand the basics of IT and demonstrate understanding effectively. Topics include Windows operating system, mobile OS, with an emphasis on practical skills required on the job, crucial hardware and operating system maintenance and troubleshooting.

CompTIA Network +

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor neutral networking certification that is trusted around the world. It validates the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and trouble-shoot any wired and wireless networks. Data networks are more crucial for businesses than ever before. With a CompTIA Network+ certification, you possess the key skills to trouble-shoot, configure, and manage these systems and keep your company productive.

CompTIA Security +

As a benchmark for best practices in IT security, this certification covers the essential principles for network security and risk management - making it an important stepping stone of an IT security career. IT security is paramount to organizations as cloud computing and mobile devices have changed the way we do business. Get this certification and employers are sure you're ready for the hackers.

Agile 101

Participants explore the principles of Agile Software Development and the Scrum methodology. Through collaborative team-based activities, short projects and exercises, participants experience the value of iterative development, early feedback, frequent communication, and continuous improvement. Upon successful completion of the concepts, participants develop the knowledge and skills to apply the Agile principles to their processes and receive a digital badge.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in the Workplace

This 9-hour course provides participants with an opportunity to learn and use critical thinking skills for solving workplace problems. Participants learn elements of critical thinking and how to evaluate their own thinking. Topics include steps in problem solving and barriers to problem solving, Participants work individually and in a teams to solve business case studies and scenarios.

Customer Service

This certification class is developed in cooperation with, and endorsed by, the International Customer Service Association, Through the Customer's Eyes. This engaging and enlightening course is designed to provide participants with the skills needed to deliver world-class customer service each and every time.

Work Ethic

This course is designed to give participants a solid understanding of the ethical standards required in today's business environment. Companies with strong ethics programs have found that these efforts can reduce potential costly fines, decrease vulnerability and improve reputation. It can positively affect employees' commitment to work and enhance customer loyalty. By combining experiential learning, a peer-to-peer methodology, and a flexible design, the class engages both intellect and emotion for an interactive learning experience.

Career Placement Program

This 24-hour course is designed to provide participants with in-depth exposure to the job application process, including resume building, professional mock interviews, employability skills development, and networking skills. Upon successful completion, students earn three nationally recognized certifications: National Career Readiness Certification, Work Ethic Certification and Customer Service. Other topics include basic computer skills, development of email address, online navigation, appropriate appearance, attitude, attendance, and more.