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Omaha Metro bus

Pass to Class

Pass to Class celebrates a milestone—over 1.5 million bus rides taken by students since the program’s inception.

Bus passes will be mailed to eligible individuals for academic use. Please email if you need a bus pass.

Metropolitan Community College and Metro have been teaming up with one another since Oct. 2009 to present Pass to Class, a program to encourage bus ridership and provide education access to MCC students. This exciting program allows all MCC credit, GED, credit and non-credit ESL students and Veterans Upward Bound members to receive a Metro bus pass, valid for a quarter, that allows for rides to and from MCC locations and for other education-related purposes.

The program was started to help both MCC and Metro. MCC students have increased access to classes and locations, which should result in decreased parking congestion. The program will also allow MCC to study student travel patterns, and Metro is looking at ridership patterns and increasing their passengers. At the same time, this program is helping reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and decrease emissions into the environment.

Rules of Conduct

  • The Pass to Class will be used for getting to and from MCC locations* and for other education-related purposes.
    (*Access and availability is in accordance with Metro Transit service routes.)

  • The Pass to Class is to be used only by the student enrolled in credit, ESL, GED classes, 180 Re-Entry, GAP participants, or the  Veterans Upward Bound program at MCC. Use by someone other than the enrolled participant may result in termination from the program. Passes may not be transferred between individuals and will be deactivated upon voluntary or involuntary disenrollment from MCC classes.

  • One Pass to Class pass will be issued at the start of each quarter. Students can receive one free replacement pass for lost/stolen passes; thereafter, the student is subject to a $15 fee for the replacement of any lost or stolen bus pass.

  • Students will be responsible for showing their MCC Student ID card along with their Pass to Class card when entering the bus. Students who do not have their MCC ID at time of service may be denied service. If you need a Student ID please fill out the form on the student MyWay page under College links. If you have questions please email Patrick Hughes, LTC supervisor, at

  • All Metro rules and regulations must be followed. Failure to abide by the Metro rules and regulations may result in termination from the program.

Who Is Eligible?

Any MCC student enrolled in credit classes, GED students, ESL students, GAP students, 180 Re-Entry, and Veterans Upward Bound members are eligible for a Pass to Class good for the quarter of enrollment.*
(*Access and availability is in accordance with Metro Transit service routes.)

Where Can Passes Be Picked Up?

UPDATE:Due to COVID-19, bus passes are being mailed to students. Email if you need a bus pass, including replacement passes.

The passes can be picked up at any MCC Student Services at any time during the quarter for credit, ESL and GED students. Veterans Upward Bound, 180 Re-entry, and GAP individuals should work with their program to obtain bus passes. MOBY riders need to contact Disability Support Services on the Fort Omaha or South Omaha campus.

How Long Are the Passes Usable?

The bus cards are valid for one quarter. The are valid from approximately seven days before the start of the quarter to a few days after the quarter. Exact dates for each quarter are printed on the pass.

What Happens If the Pass Is Lost?

If a Pass to Class bus pass is lost, one free replacement can be picked up at any Student Services. After the first replacement, a $15 fee will be charged for any additional replacement passes. All old cards will be deactivated.

Emergency Ride Home

UPDATE: The Emergency Ride Home program is not currently available. 

Beginning in March 2020, active Pass to Class users will be eligible to use the pilot program Emergency Ride Home. Learn more on the Emergency Ride Home website.

The Ins and Outs of Riding with Metro

Metro's website provides the novice bus rider with information on how to plan a bus trip, reading schedules, identifying the right bus, hailing a bus, boarding, standing, fareboxes, transferring and exiting.

MyRideOma allows riders to plan their route and track their bus in real time via GPS. Please note, Park and Ride locations are not listed in the route planning tool. You can view the list of Park and Ride locations on the Metro Transit website. Westroads mall and Aksarben also have Park and Ride locations, which are not listed on the website. 

Important Dates 

WInter Quarter 2020

  • Passes are active starting Thursday, November 26th 2020 to Tuesday, March 2nd 2021. Please note, MCC staff will not be available to help with pass issues on days the College is closed (Thanksgiving and Winter Break).

Fall Quarter 2020

  • Passes are active starting August 24th 2020 to November 25th 2020.