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CollegeNow! is a program specifically designed for high school students to jumpstart their college education with half-price tuition.  Students enroll into sections taught by Metropolitan Community College faculty on campus or online. Begin the pursuit of an associate degree and/or transfer MCC college credit to other colleges and universities with CollegeNow! 


Nebraska resident high school students who meet course prerequisites.


College credits earned through CollegeNow! will appear on a student’s MCC transcript. MCC credits earned may transfer to other colleges or universities.  To learn about transferability at local four-year colleges, please visit the Articulation webpage.  It's important to remember that the grades earned while taking a college credit course will count toward the student's college grade point average (GPA) and will be a permanent part of their postsecondary transcript.

ready to enroll?

Step 1: Talk to your high school counselor to see if taking a college course is right for you.
Step 2: If you haven't taken an MCC course, complete the free MCC Application.  If you have taken an MCC course, move to step 3. 
​Step 3: Call the Contact Center, 531-622-2400, to make an appointment with a Success Navigator.
Step 4: Before your appointment, familiarize yourself with MCC's quarter class schedule, available MCC academic programs, and the MCC transfer site to identify courses that relate to your academic goals.   Your Success Navigator will go into more detail at your appointment. 
Step 5: Meet with the Success Navigator who will register you for classes.

  • If you are under the age of 16, the Early Entry Enrollment portion of the CollegeNow! form must be completed with the Success Navigator.
  • Prior to registration, your CollegeNow! form is sent to the Secondary Partnerships Office, Building 7, for dean approval.


Step 1: Review MCC's New Student Orientation.
Step 2: Create your MyWay credentials
Step 3: 
Order textbooks online or in person by following these directions or by visiting MCC's Bookstore.  
Step 4:  Know your FERPA rights.  *Submit an Authorization to Release Student Information form.

  • If a student is attending a postsecondary institution - at any age - the rights under FERPA have transferred to the student. If a student under the age of 18 is enrolled in both a high school and a postsecondary institution, the parents still retain the right under FERPA at the high school, however, the postsecondary rights belong to the student
  • *Students who wish to grant parental or 3rd party access to their educational records may do so by submitting an Authorization to Release Student Information Form to the Records Office.


Contact :

Secondary Partnerships
Phone: 531-MCC-2366
Metropolitan Community College
P.O. Box 3777, Building 7
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

Metropolitan Community College Secondary Partnerships