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Shannon Wright, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, Jr. Miss Ponca Princess, Isabella Wright and local Ponca tribal members

Beginning April 29 in Niobrara, Nebraska, the Ponca Tribe set off on a 282-mile walk commemorating the route of the tribe’s forced removal in the 1870s. Over 12 days, participants walked, ran or biked along the route to Barneston, Nebraska. The trek resembled the route the Ponca ancestors were forced to walk when they were removed from their homelands. The walk ended on May 11 in Barneston where the Ponca Tribe signed a deed of ownership to a 19.5-mile segment of the Chief Standing Bear Trail from the Nebraska Trails Foundation and the Homestead Conservation and Trails Association.

Tuesday, Nov. 7
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HISTORICAL TRAUMA — Jessiline Anderson, Ph.D. , Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology,
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Historical Trauma theory purports that Native Americans experience symptoms like depression, substance dependence, diabetes, dysfunctional parenting and unemployment as a result of cross-generational transmission of trauma from historical losses of population, land and culture. Some mental health professionals are skeptical, but Native healers, medicine people and elders have always cited historical trauma as common knowledge in Native oral traditions.  The field of epigenetics is beginning to uncover scientific proof that intergenerational trauma can contribute to the development of illnesses such as PTSD, depression and Type 2 diabetes. Anderson reports on historical trauma and how it is affecting our communities today.

Tuesday, Oct. 31
10:30-11:45 a.m.
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