Hubbard Sustainability Series

Hubbard Sustainability Series

The Claire M. Hubbard Foundation Sustainability Series is a quarterly event that allows speakers to inform the public about the importance of sustainability on a local, regional and national level. These speakers will show that the sustainability problems and their solutions can begin locally, but need everyone’s attention to help keep the community, the country and even the planet operating smoothly. The topic and its experts change every quarter. 

Join us as we host the discussion “The Impacts of Eating Local” on Thursday, June 24, 5-6:30 p.m. During this Hubbard Sustainability Series virtual presentation we'll explore local food, food security, health, nutrition, sustainable agriculture practices and ways communities can support local farmers with speakers Bill Coe, CEO and Director of Kansas City Green Acres Urban Farm, and Wally Graeber, program coordinator for the Nebraska Sustainability Agriculture Society. This virtual presentation is free and open to the public. A Q&A session will follow the speaker’s presentations.

Hubbard Sustainability Series: The Impacts of Eating Local
Thursday, June 24, 2021 | 5-6:30 p.m. | Online Via Zoom

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Bill CoeWilliam (Bill) Coe
CEO and Director of Kansas City Green Acres Urban Farm

William (Bill) Coe is the CEO and Director of Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project-KC, at the East High School campus, founded in 2009. Coe understands the impact of food insecurity well beyond people not having access to healthy, organic and nutritious food. He advocates for educating underserved youth in the science of aquaponics and agriculture. Coe has focuses on aquaponics, agriculture, sustainable, renewable energies and teaches others how to create organic soil. In the likeness of historical native Missourian George Washington Carver’s noble qualities, Coe promotes alternative technologies to facilitate programs and workshops based upon science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.).

Currently, Coe is teaching children grades K-12 how to grow food, aquaponics, nutrition and cooking. He also spearheads the Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project’s community outreach programs and organizes and distributes healthy, fresh, organic, leafy greens. Notably, Coe has been granted the Growing Power Commercial Urban Agriculture Certification (2013), Nelson & Pade, Aquaponics Master Class Certification (2017), KCP&L Certificate of Sustainability (2017), Jackson County’s Farm Family of the Year (2019), State of Missouri Trailblazer of the Year’s Agriculture Excellence (2019), Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City Certificate of Membership (2021), to Recognition by Missouri Department of Agriculture and Ag Business Development. He is a lifelong learner and graduate of Overland High School, Aurora Colorado (1986), attendee of Cheyney University, Philadelphia PA (1986-1987), University of Missouri Kansas City (1997) and is currently studying with Fort Hays State University, Agribusiness (B.S.) (2021). An educator, entrepreneur, mentor and lecturer, engaged in social and civic community activism.

Coe’s plans for the future is empowered by S.T.E.A.M. research and education. These programs reinforce biosecurity, sustainable agriculture and agribusiness systems. His vision is to create a Bio Pak campus which supports the production and distribution of year-round, local, organic produce and educational facilities. This Bio Park campus will provide partnering with schools, universities, corporations and communities. This campus will also create jobs, training and workforce development, sustainable agriculture and agribusinesses. Visit to learn more about Green Acres Urban Farm. 

Wally GraeberWally Graeber
Program Coordinator for the Nebraska Sustainability Agriculture Society

Wally Graeber is active in the Nebraska food system with the Lincoln based Southern Heights Food Forest, Open Harvest Co-op Grocery and statewide with the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. He is trained as a Landscape Architect and enjoys creating meaningful educational spaces for kids and their families to learn about plants they eat. Graeber sees our food system through the lens of a series of interconnected watersheds and regional foodways. Originally from Wisconsin, his favorite meal is a seasonally sourced Friday Night Fish Fry enjoyed with friends. He is inspired by seeking to understand the relationships of soil health in vegetable cropping systems to the health of humans, the art and science of cheesemaking, and the joy of eating spicy radish microgreens.

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