Prototype Design

What is MCC’s Prototype Design Program?

Fast Track to Prototype Design is a learning community program at Metropolitan Community College. The program provides students with a mix of training in business, design, and prototyping concepts and processes. Students gain specialized, high-skilled experiences to prepare them to work in a technology-savvy workforce that spans across business and industry.

You’re a good fit, if you:
  •   Like working with your hands, machinery and technology
  •   Are creative and process-oriented
  •   Are energized by analyzing and solving problems
  •   Are interested in learning emerging technologies and applications
  •   Have an interest in communicating, contributing, and collaborating in business and production environments

Some of the classes you will take as part of this associate degree program include:
  •   The Business of Innovation
  •   Introduction to Prototype Design
  •   The Internet of Things
  •   Robotic Concepts in Prototyping
  •   How to Build Almost Anything
  •   Concept Development
  •   Rapid Prototyping
  •   Basic Modelmaking and Design
  •   Solidworks
  •   Digital Electronics

The Learning Model:
  Cohort learning experience - advance through the classes as a group of learners
  Coaching support – access additional support services to help you succeed
  Real-world practical experience - participate in on-the-job training to prepare you for
      employment upon graduation

Relevant Occupations and Salary Expectations:
Occupation 2016-2020
Job Growth*
Average Hourly
Commercial and Industrial Designers  7% $24.46
Industrial Engineering Technicians 6%  $21.81
Electrical and Electronics Drafters 5% $25.26
Electro-Mechanical Technicians 4%  $24.04
Mechanical Drafters  3% $23.48
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians 2% $28.97
*Data from Economic Modeling Systems, Inc. – January 5, 2017. Examples of area employers cited as hiring for occupations included in the table above include HDR, Claas, Valmont, Raytheon and Terracon.

Program begins Fall 2017
PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and this program requires a two-year committment.
If interested, contact us by July 1, 2017 at 531-MCC-2640.

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