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Important Information to Know

Important Information You Should Know About Your Financial Aid

Don't be in the dark about your financial aid! Click on the links below for important information you should know about your financial aid. This information is also available in the MyWay Portal (

Program of Study |Classes            Which programs of study are financial aid-eligible?

                                                                     Which classes are financial aid-eligible? 


Census Date | Enrollment Level   How does the financial aid office determine enrollment


                                                                      Do you have to be full-time to receive financial aid? 


Student Loans                                     Additional steps to receive the student loans you were 



Satisfactory Progress Policy        What are the three standards you must meet to maintain

                                                                     financial aid eligibility?


Bookstore Accounts                       Can you charge your books to your financial aid?  

                                                                   How?  When?


Tuition & Fees | Financial Aid
                                          Will you owe any money out-of-pocket for your tuition

                                                                   and fees?
                                                                   Will you receive a financial aid refund? 

                                                                   When will refunds be available?


Major Financial Aid Dates          When is the first refund date for each quarter?

                                                                  When are the bookstore charge dates for each quarter?

                                                                  What is the census date for each quarter? 


Repeated Courses Policy             Can you repeat a course and still receive financial aid?


Repayments of Aid                           Will you owe a repayment of financial aid if you

                                                                    complete zero credits?


Work-Study Program                      What is work study?

                                                                    How can you get a work study job? 


Student Right-to-Know                 What information does the federal government say

                                                                    you have the right to know?