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Advanced Placement Program (AP)

If you're a high school student, you may be able to take courses through an AP (Advanced Placement Program) standing and get college credit for the courses. Subjects range from art to U.S. history. For details about this opportunity, see your high school guidance office.

A student may take Advanced Placement Examinations administered in the high schools. Below you will find a listing of the AP exam titles. In order for MCC to accept AP credit, a student must receive a 5, 4 or 3 on the exam and request the results be sent from the national AP office directly to MCC. Visit the website for the Advanced Placement Program for more information.

Important Disclaimer

The information below is provided as a general guide. This information may change and is updated as coursework is continually evaluated.

AP Subject Selection                                         Equivalent MCC Courses
Pending Credit Value and Score    
Studio Art: Drawing ARTS 1010 4.5
Studio Art: 2-D Design ARTS 1020 4.5
Studio Art: 3-D Design ARTS 1030 4.5
Art History ARTS 1110 4.5
Biology with Lab BIOS 1010 6.0
Calculus AB MATH 2410 7.5
Calculus BC MATH 2410 & MATH 2411 15.0
Chemistry with Lab CHEM 1010 6.0
Computer Science A INFO 1521 4.5
Computer Science C ++ N/A 0.0
Drawing Portfolio & 2-D Design Portfolio ARTS 1010 4.5
Macroeconomics ECON 1000 4.5
Microeconomics ECON 1100 4.5
English Composition with Essay ENGL 1010 4.5
English Language & Composition ENGL 1010 4.5
English Literature with Composition ENGL 2450 4.5
Environmental Science N/A 0.0
European History HIST 2050 4.5
French Language and Culture FREN 1110 7.5
German Language and Culture GERM 1010 7.5
Government and Politics POLS 2050 4.5
Human Geography GEOG 1050 4.5
Latin N/A 0.0
Music Theory MUSC 1050 4.5
Physics I PHYS 110A-B-C 7.5
Physics II PHYS 111A-B-C 7.5
Physics B with Lab (ended 08/31/14) PHYS 1010 4.5
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 211A-B-C 6.0 - meets content req
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS 210A-B-C 6.0 - meets content req
Physics C with Lab (ended 08/31/14) PHYS 1010 4.5
Psychology PSYC 1010 4.5
Spanish Language and Culture SPAN 1110 7.5
Spanish Literature and Culture N/A 0.0
Statistics MATH 1410 4.5
United States History N/A 0.0
World History HIST 1110 & HIST 1120 9.0

N/A = MCC does not accept these AP courses for credit.

For more information about AP course credits, see the Advanced Placement Program AP Exams and Courses site.