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Schedule of Events

10 a.m. International Fair begins
Emcee, Sindy Ncube, International Student, Zimbabwe & United Kingdom

Native Blessing
Dr. Rudi Mitchell, Ph.D.
Omaha Tribe of Nebraska & Iowa

10:04 a.m. Wind Instruments of the Americas
Giovanny Laguado, descendent of Guane and Bari indigenous tribes of Colombia

Introduced by Fouzia Akwhand, MCC alum, International Student from Pakistan, living in United Arab Emirates

10:15 a.m. Classical Thai Dance
Duriyapraneet House School of Dance
Bangkok, Thailand

10:30 a.m. Intercultural Ireland Content Library
A message from Dr. Niamh Hamill, Ph.D., Director & Founder, Institute of Study Abroad
Ireland, Bundoran, Donegal, Ireland
Excerpts from TradFest 2021 from Dublin Castle featuring Dervish, Andy Irvine & Donal, Altan & Hot House Flowers

Introduced by Steven Zastera, MCC student, study abroad student at the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland

10:55 a.m. Fashion show
Salwa Fox, MCC alum & former employee, originally from Bahrain

11:00 a.m. Dance & Music from the Caribbean & Coastal Colombia
Grupo Atlantico
St. Louis, Missouri

11:15 a.m. The Cultural Aspect of the Spanish Tortilla
Laura Chambers, Humanities
Erik Rickard, Chef de Cuisine

Introduced by Monserrat Gutierrez, MCC student, culinary arts & study abroad student to Northern Spain & Portugal

11:37 a.m. Flamenco dance & music
Alante Flamenco
Austin, Texas

Introduced by Hamid Derouich, MCC alum & former employee, International Student from Morocco

11:57 a.m. Fashion Show
Isabelle Akpakoun, Benin, West Africa

11:59 a.m. Stories from the Ancient Walls
Sarah Dorgbadzi, Founder and Director, Lododo Art Foundation
Faculty, Department of Theatre Arts University of Ghana

Introduced by Corine Sawadogo, MCC alum, International Student from Burkina Faso

12:25 p.m. Global Learning Library
Jamie Andrew, Head of Program Development
Academic Experiences Abroad

Introduced by Tulani Grundy Meadows, Human Relations/Political Science, & Ryan Newton, Psychology

12:45 p.m. Cuban music
Kansas City, Missouri

Introduced by Marisol Uribe Rodriguez, MCC alum, International Student from Colombia

1:00 p.m. Taiko Drum
Marco Lienhard
East Winds, Inc.
New York, New York

Introduced by Isuzu Meyer, MCC alum and former employee, International Student from Japan

1:25 p.m. Native American Drum and Dance
The Great Promise Dancers
Austin, Texas

Introduced by Theresa Foley, Assistant, International/Intercultural Education, Otoe/Missouria & Ponca, MCC alum

2:00 p.m. Diversity Matters Book Discussion: The Yellow Envelope by Kim Dinan
Discussion led by Katie Twit, former MCC Spanish instructor

Introduced by Danny Kang, MCC alum, International Student from Korea

2:50 p.m. Classical Indian Dance
Soorya Performing Arts
Ballwin, Missouri

Introduced by Viren Perera, MCC alum, International Student from Sri Lanka

3:20 p.m. Ukrainian Kaleidoscope
Sergei Shapoval

Introduced by Vesna Taneva Miller, MCC alum, International Student from Macedonia

3:50 p.m. Student Display Contest winner
Zangbeto The Night Guard
Isabelle Akpakoun, International Student from Benin, West Africa

3:55 p.m. Why serve as a faculty leader for study abroad/study away?
Tony Cantu, Academic Advisor & Adjunct faculty

4:00 p.m. 15th annual Diversity Matters Film Series: This is Home: A Refugee Story
Discussion after viewing led by Alexandra Shiva, producer

Introduced by Patti Mixayvanh, MCC Success Navigator

5:57 p.m. West African dance & music
Lannaya Drum & Dance
Austin, Texas

6:02 p.m. Belly Dance
Safiya Nawaar
Arabesque World Dance Studio and Event Center
Lexington, Kentucky

Introduced by Katja Koesterke-Wagner, MCC alum, International Student from Germany

6:30 p.m. Fashion Show
Jean-Jacques Akpakoun, Benin, West Africa

6:32 p.m. Pablo Sanhueza & KC Latin Jazz All-Stars
Kansas City, Missouri

6:50 p.m. Flamenco dance & music
Alante Flamenco
Austin, Texas