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Gateway to College is a unique and innovative dual enrollment high school diploma completion program that gives disengaged students or students at risk of dropping out, ages 16-20, an opportunity to re-engage in education. In 2000, Portland Community College created the Gateway to College program to help reconnect high school dropouts with their education. In 2003, Gateway to College captured the attention of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has funded the replication of Gateway to College across our nation. MCC's Gateway program is the first in Nebraska and the 28th college selected to offer the Gateway program.


Gateway to College provides students who have not been successful in the high school environment the opportunity for a fresh start on a college campus. Gateway students are college students enrolled at Metropolitan Community College who take their first quarter classes on the Fort Omaha Campus. While in Gateway, students receive dual credit for both high school completion and college coursework. The students receive their high school diploma from their participating school and college credit from MCC. Students graduate from the program when they complete their high school diploma requirements. Gateway students experience college coursework, expectations and opportunities.


Gateway students learn how to succeed in an educational setting under the guidance of a caring team of resource specialists and instructors. The resource specialist is the student’s first point of contact and wears many hats—instructor, academic and resource advisor, guidance counselor and mentor. The program is designed for student success beginning with the small size of the first quarter learning community. Gateway students have access to the resources and supports that MCC provides which include the Learning Center, Writing Center, tutoring, Math Center, etc. Students truly have the opportunity to achieve academic and personal success through the support they will find in the Gateway to College program.

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