Metropolitan Community College provides limited access to the Internet for students, faculty and staff via wireless networks. Wireless availability and reliability has improved dramatically over the last year at the college due to the addition of wireless access points and controllers. If you are unable to access the wireless network, please review the information in the Troubleshooting Wireless Connections Guide. If you still cannot connect, try using one of the many computers available through the Campus Libraries or the Academic Resource Centers.

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Use of these wireless networks is governed by the Procedures Memorandum "Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Resources"

All sites at MCC with the exception of Offutt have two wireless networks available:

MCC_Guest allows access to the Internet from personal computing devices to students and employees. This connection is isolated from other networks on campus and is protected with a firewall. In order to use this wireless network you have to provide your MCC user name and password. This network does not utilize encryption between the wireless access point and the end user.

MCC_Authenticated allows only employees access to the College’s network from College-owned equipment. It is also isolated but, unlike MCC_Guest, uses encryption and MAC authentication before it can be accessed. Employees who wish access to the MCC_Authenticated wireless network, must submit the Wireless Access Request form found at the MCC FormsBank.

The following areas have wireless coverage

Fort Omaha Campus

  • Bldgs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 21, 22, 29 and 32
  • Bldgs 19 and 30 have limited coverage

South Omaha Campus

  • Mahoney Building
  • Industrial Training Center
  • Connector Building

Elkhorn Valley Campus

  • Throughout the main building
  • Expansion Area (limited coverage)

Sarpy Center

  • Throughout the building

Applied Technology Center

  • Throughout the main building

Fremont Area Center

  • Throughout the building