Next Steps

I've completed testing and met with an advisor. What do I do now?

  1. Register for classes.
  2. Make arrangements to pay your tuition and fees. MCC students can pay for their tuition and fees through financial aid (if you qualify), by using the FACTS Payment Plan or by using cash, check or a credit card.
  3. Attend classes. You can find the time and location of your classes on your My Services account or by searching for the classes in the online schedule.


What other things should I do to get ready to attend classes at MCC?

  • Check the mail for your student i.d. number, username and process on setting your password. This information will be mailed to your home address. You will need your i.d. number and username throughout your time at MCC.
  • Get an MCC student i.d. card. Visit any Student Services with a photo i.d., your student i.d. number and a copy of your class schedule.
  • Pick up an MCC parking permit. There are no charges for parking permits; parking at MCC is free. The parking permits are used if MCC Police/Public Safety needs to contact you as a vehicle owner. Visit any Student Services to fill out your information and receive a card.
  • Login to your student email for the first time. MCC will use your student email address to contact you on most occasions. Be sure to check your email frequently.
  • Buy your textbooks. You can buy your textbooks at one of the on-site campus bookstores, online through or through the textbook exchange at You can also rent textbooks through Course textbook information is available on the online course schedules approximately 1.5 months before the quarter start.
  • Look into the free services at MCC. Career Services, Learning and Tutoring Centers, Math Centers, Writing Centers, Tutoring and other resources are available free to MCC students.