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Title IX Complaints

Confidentiality & Reporting

In order to make informed choices when consulting campus resources, victims need to be aware of confidentiality and mandatory reporting.

If you are unsure of someone's duties and their ability to maintain your privacy, ask them before you talk to them.

Confidential Reporting Options

To talk to someone who will maintain your confidentiality, contact:

  • the Metropolitan Community College campus-based victim/survivor advocate—to contact the confidential victim/survivor advocate, call 531-MCC-2223.
  • Women's Center for Advancement, which can be reached on their 24-hour hotline at 402-345-7273.

Non-confidential Reporting Options

  • You are encouraged to speak to College officials, such as College Police officers and/or a Title IX coordinator to make formal reports of your victimization.
  • You can expect to have your complaint be taken seriously by the College, when reported, and to have the incident investigated and properly resolved through administrative and conduct procedures, and through the legal system if you so choose.


Anyone who has witnessed, knows about or has experienced sexual harassment or other sex discrimination is encouraged to seek help and report their concerns—the sooner, the better. There are a number of ways to report concerns and to get needed information, assistance and resources. 

Retaliation against any participants in the process—accused, victim, witnesses, reporting individuals—is prohibited. Additionally, the College is strictly prohibited from any form of retaliation towards the complainant and/or participant involved in the process.

Faculty, staff and student employees who receive complaints of sexual harassment or sexual violence are obligated to report complaints to their supervisor or department head and/or the Title IX coordinator.

Policies & Disciplinary Procedures: Our Promise to You

  • We’ll investigate Title IX complaints in a prompt, fair and impartial manner
  • We’ll take steps to prevent the recurrence of any harassment and to correct its discriminatory effects on the complainant and others, if appropriate
  • Both parties can present witnesses and other evidence
  • Mediation will not be used to resolve sexual assault complaints
  • We will take necessary steps to protect students from retaliation if they report sexual violence, harassment and/or discrimination.
  • The time frame for a grievance investigation will typically take up to 60 days, unless it’s particularly complicated
  • Both parties will be notified of the outcome of the complaint

Title IX Complaints & Criminal Investigations

If a case of alleged sexual harassment or sexual violence occurs, the College will promptly and equitably investigate under Title IX to determine what occurred. We’ll also take appropriate steps to resolve the situation.

A Title IX investigation is different from any law enforcement investigation. You have the right to file a Title IX sex discrimination complaint with our institution, in addition to filing a criminal complaint.

Our Title IX coordinator and other supporters can help you decide the best course of action for you by describing our grievance procedures. Please ask!

Students, faculty and staff can file a Title IX sex discrimination complaint directly with the Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education.

Compliance at MCC

The College has a duty to promptly respond to all complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence, whether on- or off-campus incidents. The purpose is to prevent sex discrimination on campus, promptly address reported incidents, limit the effects of harassment on the educational environment and prevent its recurrence.

MCC's Nondiscrimation Statement