Magazines & Journals A-Z

Use Full Text Finder to find a specific magazine, newspaper, or journal at MCC by title (print & online) or subject (online only).

Use the Periodical Holdings List to find print copies by title or MCC program area.

Full Text Finder Instructions

Watch a YouTube video: Full Text Finder - Overview Tutorial (2.27 min.)

  • Search Full Text Finder by title or ISSN.
  • Full Text Finder finds a match:
    • Click on Full Text Access.
    • If the publication is available in a database (online), Full Text Finder links to the database.
    • If the publication is available in a campus library (print), Full Text Finder links to the library catalog.
  • Full Text Finder doesn't find a match:

Additional Features

  • Browse by Discipline - Find a list of publications available within a specific discipline (find psychology magazines and journals, for example).
  • Peer Reviewed Journals - Use the "Peer Reviewed Journals" limiter on the far left side of the screen to limit your results to journals only (find only psychology journals, for example, not magazines).