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Adult Education


Adult Education (AE) at MCC is a service program delivered under the guidance of two components of government legislature; the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA). The Nebraska Department of Education and Metropolitan Community College work collaboratively to meet the established guidelines of service delivery.

AE Program offerings include both preparation classes for the official GED exam (high school equivalency) and non-credit English Language acquisition (ESL/ELL) classes.

There are two program pathways for both GED and ESL offerings:

  1. Enrollment-based classes (GED/ESL)
  2. Open Learning Opportunities (GED/ESL)

The state and federally funded enrollment-based classes require potential students to attend an Adult Education Information Session, take an introductory 3 week course called the Transitional Learning Community (TLC) and complete Nebraska Department of Education paperwork, interviews, computer literacy education components and CASAS pre-testing.

The CASAS test is an Adult Basic Education exam used by all state programs to determine a student’s base-line knowledge prior to class participation as well as periodically measure a student’s learning progress once they begin enrollment-based classes. Once the above, initial requirements are satisfactorily met, a student then begins their enrollment-based class where daily class attendance and periodic CASAS post-testing are required. Because of state and federal accountability, this program pathway should be considered by students who have the highest level of commitment in terms of time, dedication and discipline.

For students needing more learning flexibility and who are not currently able to adhere to strict requirements of attendance and periodic testing, Adult Education offers privately funded Open Learning Opportunities for both GED and ESL students. These opportunities include Conversational English classes for ESL students and Self-Paced GED Prep classes for GED students. There are no requirements for attendance or testing; classes are structured as open enrollment so that students may attend and participate as their schedules permit.

Contact Information

If you are a new student who is interested in either the state and federally funded enrollment-based classes or the privately funded Open Learning Opportunities, please call Adult Education’s Student Services Team at 531.622.4060 or email Adult Ed to be enrolled.

If you are a returning student to the program and wish to continue where you left off, please call our Adult Education Associate at 531.622.2617 or registration email to be reinstated.

Additional Information

To learn more about Adult Education please contact our Adult Education Student Services Team | | 531-MCC-4060

Adult Education Application Workforce Innovation Division