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Taylor Tylkowski Memorial Scholarship

Taylor TylkowskiAs the parents of Taylor we want to set this scholarship in her honor.

Taylor is an amazing person, anyone that knows her can tell you all the amazing things that she has done. What she accomplished, overcame and persevered. She was a light that drew others to her seeking friendship and compassion. With a huge heart and appreciation for friends and family, Taylor loved deep and unconditionally.

Her passion in life was family, friends and school. Starting in high school she joined a culinary academy in which she fell in love with the art. Having mentors and the support of her family and friends she accomplished herself in high school. As she set her goal on college, an opportunity she earned gave her the chance at ICA at MCC.

Taylor understood what the culinary program was going to bring her. Hard work, long hours of studying, extra credit and community service to accomplish her goal of a degree. Her strength of teamwork showed her fellow students what made her a light. Always working with others to achieve shared goals and pushing others to do their best. While she was a student, a serious accident left her a changed person. Overcoming a broken ankle to finish school and be a light for other students, she gave inspiration to many.

As a recipient of this scholarship, we, Taylors parents ask that a candidate must have certain qualities: 

  • Willingness, Tenacity, perseverance, and compassion.

  • Willingness to help others accomplish, succeed and grow. Willingness to go out of the way for fellow students and faculty

  • Tenacity to finish the goal, to make sure others can, to make your mark. Tenacity to over come hardships to set an example for others

  • Compassion for peers, younger, and older. Compassion to understand and to support everyone you experience. Compassion for yourself—know that you are loved and share that love.

This scholarship will apply to any candidate in the Culinary Arts program. While Taylor did enjoy cooking and being creative, she wanted to pursue hospitality and business degrees. Any candidate that receives this scholarship will become part of a family that is willing to help, has tenacity to guide and compassion to support. All things that made Taylor the amazing daughter she is.

Scholarship criteria

  • Financial need not required, but may be considered

  • Student must have and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA

  • Must be majoring in Culinary or Hospitality

  • Industry letter of recommendation is required

  • Scholarship is to be used for tuition and fees

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