WID CAET Facilities

WID CAET Facilities

The Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology provides a range of settings for high tech, hands-on training, from corporate training rooms designed for tech-enabled collaboration, to 12,000 square feet of prototyping labs, to space for company-specific satellites work-based learning. These industry satellites will replicate companies' prototyping  and/or production equipment and processes. Trainees will build skills by working side-by-side with industry representatives and other trainees - learning to work by working.
MCC CAET Floor Plans


    Space Name Sq. Ft. Key Activities
    First Floor Spaces  
    Prototyping Labs

    Metal Prototyping Lab

    Room 105


    Prototyping Design/Development - Hands-on Training - Workshops - Customized corporate team experiences - Hackathons - Mentoring - Business operation and co-location

    Wood Prototyping Lab

    Room 111

    Design Room #112 1,986

    Fit & Finish

    Room 103A

    Electronics 622
    Storage Room 111A 385
    Innovation Central

    Innovation Central 

    Room 101


    Industry co-location/operation - Advanced Tech Conferences - Large Equipment  Demonstrations and Training - Team Challenges

    Storage/Receiving 1,746
    Pre-Event Lobby 3,454

    Emerging Labs

    Room 115

    4,975 Internships Training - Business Operations
    Kitchen 555 Food/Beverages for Training Event

    Innovation Plaza

    12,763 Large equipment demonstrations & training - Team Challenges - Networking - Events
    Second Floor Spaces Sq. Ft. Key Activities

    "Hub" (Board/Meeting Room)

    Embarcadero Room 201

    889 Industry and/or MCC Project collaboration - Team Meetings
    Pre-Function Lobby 1,684 Collaboration - Demonstrations Solo Work - Networking
    Training Rooms

    Training Room 1

    Room 202

    1,017 Incumbment worker training - Workshops - Tech Projects for area businesses - Training to build industry pipeline

    Training Room 2

    Room 204


    Training Room 3

    Room 206

    Academic Data Center

    Data Build Room

    259 Incumbent worker training - Training for industry pipeline - Workshops - Mentoring

    Data War Room

    Room 205

    Data / Cyber Center 1,203
    Office Suite 5,850 Co-locating business - Interns - Faculty - Staff - Mentors
    Roof Terrace 1,004 Collaboration - Networking - Mentoring
    Green Roof 3,958 Demonstrations
    TOTAL (including additional spaces such as storage) 68,800  
  • Reserving Spaces

    Please contact a CAET Services Specialist | | 531 622-2271
  • Co-Locating

    In the CAET co-location model, businesses develop a company-specific cell or satellite that replicates their prototyping and/or production processes. Trainees build skills by working side-by-side with industry representatives and other trainees – learning to work by working. Co-located training is particularly valuable for companies new to the region, as a means to develop employees who are ready to work on day one. Co-located training is also invaluable for companies anticipating steady business growth, as a way to continually develop and secure new talent. Through such industry partnerships, the MCC Workforce Innovation Division is committed to developing innovative solutions for building a strong workforce and a strong economy.

  • How To Co-Locate?

    Please contact the Director of Workforce Innovation Division | Victoria Novak | 531-MCC-2760