About WID


What It's All About

The Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology will deploy corporate training spaces. The intent is to provide a space where companies and the community can offer short-term training on new technologies, such as teaching programmers to use Ruby on Rails, or introducing employees to new engines, fuel systems, applications, software, industrial robots, e-commerce tools, records management systems and more. If you were to design a game-changing training on a new technology for our organization, what would the training be like? What technology would be the focus of the training? How would the training be delivered?


  • Leverage existing MCC resources through collaborative strategies

  • Bring to scale successful programs while implementing innovative industry partnerships involving credit, non-credit, proof-of-concept, open enrollment, entrepreneurial resources and job profiling for customized training

  • Work closely with Adult Basic Education/GED to make direct connections between specific companies and specific students to clarify the pathway to jobs while enhancing motivation for employability skills, literacy (i.e. reading, writing, math and technology)

  • Embrace both industry and instructional innovations.