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Hubbard Sustainability Series

Hubbard Sustainability Series

The Claire M. Hubbard Foundation Sustainability Series is a quarterly event that allows speakers to inform the public about the importance of sustainability on a local, regional and national level. These speakers will show that the sustainability problems and their solutions can begin locally, but need everyone’s attention to help keep the community, the country and even the planet operating smoothly. The topic and its experts change every quarter. 

The International Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) most recent report vindicates the alarms sounded by climate justice activists and practitioners for decades, as well as their calls for immediate action to address a quintessential climate crisis that is not linear nor a calamity waiting in a distant or even near future. Climate change is upon us, each year an aggregate of extreme weather events exacerbated by the emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere increase in scope, scale and frequency. From wildfires in the western portion of the nation, to crippling heat waves in the East and massive flooding in the Midwest, no part of the country enjoys a respite. All this said, while the recent IPCC report adroitly portrays the impacts, current and forthcoming, there are seldom discussions that identify and articulate the root causes of climate change – white “supremacy,” patriarchy and colonization. 

Join us as we host the discussion “Getting to the Root of the Climate Crisis” on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. with national climate and racial justice advocate Anthony Rogers-Wright. During this Hubbard Sustainability Series virtual presentation we'll discuss the root causes of the climate crisis as well as the local resistance and resilience strategies necessary to ameliorate the worst impacts of global warming. Anthony will also discuss the specific conditions in Omaha that make some residents more susceptible to disproportionate impacts and recommended interventions to ensure the city’s climate resilience initiatives are rooted in equity as well as mutual accessibility and justice. This virtual presentation is free and open to the public. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Hubbard Sustainability Series: Getting to the Root of the Climate Crisis
Wednesday, Oct. 27 | 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | Online via Zoom


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about the speaker

Anthony Karefa Rogers-WrightAnthony Karefa Rogers-Wright serves as the Director of Environmental Justice for New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI). In this capacity, he guides and coordinates the organization’s EJ strategy, litigation, organizing and advocacy initiatives. Prior to joining NYLPI, Anthony was the Policy Coordinator and Green New Deal Policy Lead with the Climate Justice Alliance, where he assisted with developing and promulgating local, State, and federal organizing and policy strategy for the alliance’s 74 grassroots, frontline-led organizations across the country. A veteran of social justice campaigns, Anthony helped lead the effort to make the former Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative the first health insurance provider in the state’s history to remove transgender exclusions from all of their policies in 2012. He has acted as a policy advisor for numerous candidates for elected office including Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in 2020, and Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaigns in 2020 and 2016 when he represented the campaign during testimony to the DNC Platform Committee. 

Anthony was selected as one of the “50 Environmentalists You’ll Be Talking About” in 2016. He’s written numerous articles discussing the axiomatic nexus of the climate crisis and racial injustice and has spoken on the subject at universities throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Anthony serves on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Earth, Backbone Campaign and Center for Sustainable Economy, as well as the Advisory Committee for Evergreen Action He is blessed to be the father of his energetic and very loquacious 6-year-old son, Zahir Cielo (aka “Bean”). Anthony received his B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy, and his master’s degree in Community Development, Environmental Science, and Public Policy from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

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