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Prototype Design

What is MCC’s Prototype Design Program?

Prototype Design is a learning community program at Metropolitan Community College. The program provides students with a mix of training in business, design, and prototyping concepts and processes. Students gain specialized, high-skilled experiences to prepare them to work in a technology-savvy workforce that spans across business and industry.

You’re a good fit, if you:
  •  Like working with your hands, machinery and technology
  •  Are creative and process-oriented
  •  Are energized by analyzing and solving problems
  •  Are interested in learning emerging technologies and applications
  •  Have an interest in communicating, contributing, and collaborating in business and production environments
Some of the classes as part of this associate degree program include:
  •  The Business of Innovation
  •  Introduction to Prototype Design
  •  The Internet of Things
  •  Robotic Concepts in Prototyping
  •  How to Build Almost Anything
  •  Concept Development
  •  Rapid Prototyping
  •  Basic Modelmaking and Design
  •  Solidworks
  •  Digital Electronics
The Learning Model:
  •  Cohort learning experience - advance through the classes as a group of learners
  •  Coaching support – access additional support services to help you succeed
  •  Real-world practical experience - participate in on-the-job training to prepare you for employment upon graduation

Relevant Occupations and Salary Expectations:
Occupation 2016-2020
Job Growth*
Average Hourly

Commercial and Industrial Designers 



Industrial Engineering Technicians



Electrical and Electronics Drafters



Electro-Mechanical Technicians



Mechanical Drafters



Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians



*Data from Economic Modeling Systems, Inc. –Jan. 5, 2017. Examples of area employers cited as hiring for occupations included in the table above include HDR, Claas, Valmont, Raytheon and Terracon.

If interested, contact Micheal Guericke ( to schedule an appointment to tour the lab and discuss the degree program in further detail.

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