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1/24/2022 5:31:04 PM

This is a test of the emergency alert system.  Should there be a real emergency you will be alerted as to the nature of the emergency.

Advisory Committee

Dana Sorenson, BNIM

William (Bill) Doiel, CHI Health

Dr. Hani Haider, UNMC  

Adam Henry, Valmont Industries

John Kastl, Valmont Industries

Brett Mjelde, Acieta

Meaghan Walls, Assistology

Mary Smolsky/Laverene Drake , Sympateco

Jeff Schmaderer,

Joe Runge, UNeMed/UNeTech

Sue Raftery, Metropolitan Community College

Scott Carson, Carson Stone Supply

Joshua Gourley, Valmont Industries

Mike Hays, Airlite Plastics

Jamison Hiner, Maker

Dale Luebbert, Polynomial

Ben Schacht, ConAgra

Tyler Keffler, Omaha Custom Manufacturing

Curt Bannon, Sympateco

Lozier Tyler Scherr, UNeMed/UNeTech

Kiran Bastola, University of Nebraska - Omaha