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Information Technology


The MCC Information Technology academic department provides high-quality, technology-driven courses for students pursuing post-secondary certificates and degrees in this field of study.

Our courses are delivered in accordance with the overarching MCC Mission as it applies to delivering all MCC students with a relevant and student-centered education.


The mission of the MCC Information Technology academic department is to prepare program students to continue to their studies in an advanced degree program or to obtain an entry level position in a technology related field. This mission is accomplished by providing superior course instruction and opportunities for relevant learning experiences with current and emerging technologies.

Our program strives to graduate students who are knowledgeable across various technology fields and who are able to think critically. This mission aligns with the college mission of delivering relevant, student-centered learning to a diverse community.

  • Provide support to our students within a reasonable time and in a respectful manner. Further we listen to and value each team member and intend to work together promoting an atmosphere of professional growth, job satisfaction, leadership and an overall positive educational experience.
  • Provide innovative, contemporary and accessible technology in computing, enabling all students to effectively meet their goals as a learning community.
  • Implement new technologies and improve the quality of instruction offered in our program.
  • Promote and develop partnerships within the Metropolitan Community College surrounding areas.
  • Develop a community that is adaptable to technological needs.
  • Support the use of information technology to enable academic innovation in teaching and learning.