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What is Theatre? (thea)

Theatre - a blend of visual arts/design, music, literature, research, physical expression, technology and business - is the quintessential liberal arts degree. Theatre studies strengthens interpersonal communication and public presentation skills, develops critical thinking and collaborative skills and also gives a solid background in interdisciplinary arts, social awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures.


Theatre Technology is a registered apprenticeship program approved to grant an apprenticeship certificate by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Is it for you?

Behind the scenes theater jobs require a diverse skill set. Working backstage requires the ability to use hand and power tools, lift heavy objects, create visually interesting sets and costumes, understand theater lighting principles, and run an audio board. Stage Managers must have strong organizational skills to ensure smooth-running productions. 

Writers, directors and actors must be creative and highly expressive people with strong communication skills.



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