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Design, Interactivity and Media Arts

What is 'Design, Interactivity and Media Arts (DIMA)'?

Design, Interactivity and Media Art is a collection of visual communication disciplines within which electronic media are used to combine creative thinking with visual, technical and artistic skills for the purpose of communicating ideas and messages to a variety of audiences. Metropolitan Community College offers eight areas of study: Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, Illustration, Media Generalist, Motion Graphics, Web Design and DIMA Entrepreneur.

Is it for you?

Do you have a passion for the arts? Are you creative? Do you like the challenge of coming up with multiple solutions to a problem? Do you enjoy visual storytelling? Do you want to know more about how animations and games are made? Do you ever look at magazine ads, logos or package designs and think you could create the concept and artwork for those materials? Do you have self-discipline, motivation and a desire to be a working artist?

A student in DIMA must develop high-level computer graphics skills and a body of creative work based on conceptual understanding of design and effective visual communication.

Students will choose courses on an individual basis to update professional interests, fashion a customized degree to concentrate and elaborate personal abilities or prepare to enter the job market with a specific set of communication skills. Exceptional results require time and effort beyond the scheduled class time.

Creative professionals are expected to be able to conceptualize multiple design solutions for a wide variety of communication media. They will also need to be a good communicator and work with an unusual dedication and ability to set personal goals, keep to a demanding schedule, take initiative and think analytically.



Information and communication technologies are employed in a widely dispersed and decentralized global industry. Students in DIMA enter onto a path to careers in media art, web design, computer games and animation for motion pictures. Employment may also be in graphic design studios, in-house design and marketing departments and printing establishments. Many businesses, industries and government agencies are adopting motion picture and interactive media for training.

Program Faculty

Program Descriptions

The MCC DIMA program awards an associate degree. Courses teach cutting-edge technical skills to effectively communicate ideas conceptually and visually through electronic and print media, using industry standard computers and software on the Macintosh platform.

Students in Graphic Design learn to deliver a client’s commercial message in print or web media by giving it a visual form appropriate to the message and audience. Web Design students understand the technical aspects of internet communication and the design considerations appropriate for delivery to a variety of devices and platforms. Illustration, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation and Motion Graphics are the creative content of web, television, video games and the motion picture industry. Media Generalist is a comprehensive and customizable degree.

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