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Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing

What is the Plumbing PRe-Apprenticeship Program?

This program is for students interested in learning about the plumbing profession, preparing them for a plumbing apprenticeship, or seeking the skills to find a job in that field.

Is it for you?

If you have a strong work ethic, enjoy hands-on work and the ability to work as a team member, this program is for you.

Jobs and Salary Expectations

Sample job titles: Commercial Plumber, Drain Cleaner, Drain Technician, Journeyman Plumber, Master Plumber, Plumber, Plumbing and Heating Mechanic, Plumber Gasfitter. Residential Plumber, Service Plumber  

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Plumbing Occupational Profile

Program Faculty

Andy Queen: 531-MCC-4033

Program Descriptions

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