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Real Estate

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The real estate industry primarily involves the buying, selling and leasing of land and property. Residential real estate focuses on purchasing and selling single or multifamily structures including houses, mobile homes, duplexes, condominiums, etc. Commercial real estate refers to transactions made for investment or income purposes and includes land and properties such as office buildings, restaurants, retain sites, apartment buildings and other structures.


Real estate sales professionals represent property owners when they sell their homes or land. They determine a property's market price by comparing the property with similar properties that have been recently sold. Real estate professionals may make suggestions to property owners about improvements they can make to increase the value of their property.

Property managers take care of the daily operation. Some property managers are entrepreneurs who manage the properties they own. Other property managers oversee the daily function and operations of office buildings, apartments, retail and industrial properties or condos.

Real estate brokers are typically experienced real estate sales professionals who become licensed as brokers so they can manage their own properties. Typically, these are seasoned professionals who have passed both the exam requirements for a sales professional and completed additional credentialing requirements to become a licensed broker.

The Nebraska Real Estate Commission oversees licensing, education, disciplinary and all other related industry matters in the state of Nebraska. For current information about becoming a licensed real estate salesperson, including information about sitting for the real estate licensing exam, contact: Nebraska Real Estate Commission, 301 Centennial Mall South, P.O. Box 94667, Lincoln, NE 68509, 402-471-2004 or visit their website: Nebraska Real Estate Commission website. For current information regarding a state and national hourly wage for a career in real estate, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics

MCC Real estate specialist career certificate

Available fall 2021, students pursuing the Real Estate Career Certificate will learn about the varied fields related to real estate, including residential and commercial real estate sales. Studies include principles of real estate, specific Nebraska license laws, assistance in applying for state and national real estate exam, investments, finance, sales, property management, and real estate calculations. Finance is included to prepare students for managing income and increase awareness of client circumstances and challenges in funding homes and other real estate investments.

LEARNING GOALS:  Students who complete the Human Resources Career Certificate can:  

  • Understand the basic principles of real estate. 
  • Evaluate the legal environment specific to real estate ownership, finance, investment, etc.
  • Utilize financial tools and techniques essential to real estate finance.
  • Identify marketing tools and techniques essential to building and property management.
  • Critically evaluate the key components of real estate sales and brokerage 

  • Utilize financial tools and techniques essential to real estate investment.

COURSES: The Real Estate Specialist Career Certificate consists of the six following courses:

REES 1000 Real Estate Principles

REES 1100 Real Estate Law

REES 2100 Real Estate Finance

REES 2110 Building & Property Management

REES 2120 Real Estate Sales and Brokerage

REES 2200 - Real Estate Investments

Students may use the Insurance Specialist Career Certificate as a pathway in Business to further education in completion of the following Certificates and Degrees:


Business Professional Certificate of Achievement


Business Administration (BGAAS)

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