Four Alpha Conversion

The documents listed below are resources for MCC faculty and staff related to the conversion to four alpha/four numeric.  The new prefixes and numbers take effect fall quarter of 2005 and will appear in the 2005-06 catalog in late March and in the Summer/Fall mailer in early May.    

Course number conversion chart

Conversion Chart (MS Excel)
Conversion Chart (PDF)

Course prefix conversion chart

Course Grid (MS Excel)
Course Grid (PDF)

Course Renumbering Guide - Guideline of how numbers were determined

Course and Program Framework Alignment - List of programs that follow the framework or deviated from the framework.

Four Alpha/Four Numeric History

Since 1995, the Nebraska Transfer Initiative has involved all six state community colleges establishing common learning objectives for 30 transfer courses.  In addition, all six community colleges have jointly developed associate degrees in Electronics, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Education with potential common curricula being examined in Library Assistant, Nursing, Business, and online courses.  This large-scale collaboration has created enhanced visibility for the community colleges, seamless articulation among them, leverage for the six colleges to expand articulation with four-year institutions, and greater accessibility for students. 

Despite this extensive collaboration, MCC remains the only Nebraska community college that continues to use a three digit framework for course prefixes and course numbers (e.g., ENG 101 vs. ENGL 1010).  At its most basic level, this involves moving from a three-digit prefix and three-digit course numbering system to a four-digit system. 

These new prefixes and course numbers will become effective in the Fall of 2005 and will appear in the 2005-06 College Catalog and Fall Mailer.

Examples of the new course numbering format include:

ACC 101 – Bookkeeping will change to ACCT 1050

MAT 132 – College Algebra will change to MATH 1420