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11/25/2020 3:00:00 PM

We look forward to supporting you this quarter. Most MCC education and training courses will remain online or remote, reserving campus use for face-to-face and blended sections that involve significant hands-on learning. More info

Department Faculty

Dean's Office

Dean of Math, Natural Science and CHH: Mike Flesch
Associate Dean of Culinary Hospitality, and Horticulture: Brian O'Malley, 531-622-2615
Associate: Ingrid Armstead, 531-622-2355

Culinary Arts Faculty 

Steve Bell, 531-622-2578
James Davis, 531-622-2513
Janet Mar, 531-622-2512
Brian O'Malley, 531-622-2615
Reichardt, 531-622-2467
Oystein Solberg, 531-622-2509

Hospitality Faculty

Lauren Balak, 531-622-2556

Horticulture Faculty

Thomas Bruning, 531-622-2560
Kristina Engler, 531-622-2310
‚ÄčJeana Svoboda, 531-622-2311