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What is 'Entrepreneurship (ENTR)'?

An entrepreneur is an individual who owns, organizes and manages a business and, in so doing, assumes the risk of either making a profit or losing the investment. 

Program Introduction

MCC's Entrepreneurship program is one of the fastest growing programs on campus and is Best Model for Entrepeneur Education in the Nation by the American Association of Community Collegestaught in a real mode, generally with no tests. Work done in any of six regularly offered courses that run both on campus and online are specifically designed to mirror real tasks that real entrepreneurs either need to do or know about. Courses attract both those interested in new startup planning and those already actively engaged in business seeking knowledge and assistance. Although MCC launched its entrepreneurship program in 2006, it is now one of the largest educational providers of entrepreneurship education in Nebraska. MCC and Nebraska's community colleges were recently named as one of the best models for entrepreneur education and training in the nation by The American Association of Community Colleges.

Is It For You?

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and personality types. Some are full of big ideas, while others are better at execution. Some take big risks while others play it safe, but there are a few things most successful entrepreneurs have in common.

The most common entrepreneurial traits include a strong desire to be your own boss, the drive to implement your ideas and a thirst to control your own destiny. Entrepreneurs are inordinately determined to be successful and persevere in the midst of adversity. They thrive on ambiguity and prosper in a world that is confusing and has few answers.

Running your own business is an ongoing puzzle, a long series of problems to be solved. If you don't like constantly solving a multitude of problems, then an entrepreneurial career might be difficult. Much of your time will be spent troubleshooting, pinpointing problems that are plaguing the business and trying to solve them. As soon as you solve one problem, others spring up.

Entrepreneurs need motivation, creativity and persuasiveness. For more information, see Starting Your Own Business - Do You Have What It Takes?

Program Faculty

Full Time Faculty

Heather Nelson
M.S., M.B.A., B.S.
Courses:  ENTR 1000/2000 level

Dan Smith 
M.A., M.S., B.A.S
Course Areas: ENTR 1000/2000 Level

Liliana Petersen,
M.B.A., M.S. 
Courses:  ENTR 1000 level

Adjunct Faculty

Karen Klingberg,
M.B.A, B.S.
Courses ENTR 1000 level

Shawna Koger,
M.B.A., B.S.
Courses ENTR 1000 level

Allyson Mendoza
J.D., B.A.
Courses ENTR 2060

Program descriptions

  • Entrepreneurship courses

  • Program brochure - contains information on the six regular Entrepreneurship courses offered both on campus and online

  • Business Start-Up (BSUCC) - a career certificate supporting those with existing businesses, as well as those seeking to develop new business opportunities by combining career field and entrepreneurial skill development

  • Entrepreneurship Generalist - (BEGCE) - a certificate of achievement for those looking to complete all six Entrepreneur Program courses plus a variety of additional general education courses in areas to broaden their managerial preparation

  • Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership - Hospitality Entrepreneurship (CHBA1) - associate in applied science, provides the entrepreneurial education for students wanting to own and operate businesses in the hospitality industry

  • Design, Interactivity, and Media Arts - DIMA Entrepreneur  (DIMAS) - associate in applied science, offers an option in Entrepreneurship for those interested in entrepreneurial self-employment opportunities

Note: Some subject programs such as Culinary Arts and Early Childhood Education offer specialist diplomas that contain both Entrepreneurship and career-specific education.

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Local Climate For Entrepreneurship

The number of entrepreneurs in Omaha is increasing and they are doing well. Because of the varied nature of entrepreneurship endeavors, income expectations vary greatly. Nebraska, and Omaha in particular, has been reported to be following patterns in line with the national trends in terms of the growth of the number of entrepreneurs. Omaha entrepreneurs demonstrate a strong trend of out-pacing the general per capita income in the city. 


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