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Student Testing Procedures

Metropolitan Community College Testing Centers Student Policies and Procedures

Students who plan to utilize the Testing Center should be aware of the following guidelines:

You must present a valid government issued picture ID* or MCC student ID before receiving an exam

  • * Current Driver's License
  • * Current Temporary Driver's License
  • * Current State ID
  • * Passport

You may not leave the room for any reason without the permission of Testing Center staff. Failure to notify Testing Center staff may invalidate a test.

Food and drink are not allowed in the Testing Center.

Children are not allowed in the Testing Center.

Cell phones and electronic devices not authorized for your test are not allowed inside the testing area.

Please keep noise to a minimum.

The Testing Center is not responsible for lost items. Items not required for testing (such as backpacks or briefcases) are not allowed on tabletops.

Cheating will be dealt with in accordance with the “Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures Memorandum.”

Testing Center staff members are not responsible for returning your homework or class assignments to the instructor.

Testing Center staff will inform you of the time limit for make-up exams and your testing time will be documented.

Testing Center staff must record make-up exams before they can be administered. Please do not expect exams to be available immediately upon receipt from faculty.

You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment. Without an appointment, space may not be available. (You are responsible for making the appointment, not your instructor.) Walk-in students will have tests administered at the discretion of Testing Center staff.

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