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Make-Up Testing Resources
  • Make-Up and Retake Examination Guidelines for Faculty

The Testing Center is a resource available to all faculty members. The Testing Centers conduct standardized tests, make-up, and retake exams. Exams given to an entire class at once will not be given in the Testing Center. Take-home exams can not be handed out or collected through the testing center.

Make-up exams MUST have an official MCC, completed transmittal form accompany each individual exam at the time it is submitted to the testing center. Exams submitted without a completed transmittal form will not be accepted and will be either discarded or returned to the instructor. Transmittal forms can be found online on the forms bank by clicking here

Instructors of credit courses may have one test per student per class at a time in the testing center. If a second make-up test is submitted by the instructor for the same student for the same course such that there are two tests in the file for that student, the first test will be returned to the instructor. If the student inquires about the first test, the student will be referred back to the instructor.

Instructors of developmental courses, (where students are expected to retake exams routinely as part of the class design), may have a maximum of two tests on file per developmental class per student.

Exams may be dropped off at the Testing Center. They may also be submitted through intercampus mail or by e-mail. When e-mailing an exam to the Testing Center, please send the exam and transmittal form to the Testing Center where it will be taken.

Students must contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment for a make-up or retake exam. Instructors may not schedule appointments for students. Students who walk-in will have exams administered at the discretion of Testing Center staff.

Students must present a valid photo ID to take an exam.

If an exam has complex instructions, please consult with a Testing Center staff member to ensure that correct instructions are given to the student.

Please allow 24-hours for a make-up exam to be made available to the student. The exam must be recorded by Testing Center staff prior to being administered.

Students will be informed of the time limit for the exam. The time will also be documented. However, it is not always possible to monitor the student’s exam.

Testing Center staff members are not responsible for duplicating, correcting, or interpreting make-up and retake exams. Nor are they responsible for returning books, assignments, or handing out homework.

Cheating will be dealt with in accordance with the “Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures Memorandum.”

Questions should be discussed with the Coordinator of Student and Learning Support Services @ 457-2677.


Elkhorn Valley Testing Center   Room 217                  289-1278 testingcenterevc@mccneb.edu

Fort Omaha Testing Center   Building 10 Rm 105         457-2204 testingcenterfoc@mccneb.edu

South Omaha Testing Center    Connector Bldg Rm 102 738-4613 testingcentersoc@mccneb.edu

Sarpy Center                    Room 116                        537-3803 testingcentersrp@mccneb.edu

Fremont Center                Student Services              721-2507 testingcenterfrc@mccneb.edu

Offutt Center                    Student Services              292-3330 testingcenteroft@mccneb.edu


Revised  07/12

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