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Document Cameras

Visual Presenters replaced the "Overhead Projector" used for transparencies and writing display years ago.  At Metro it began with the "Elmo".  That is why you may hear someone refer to any Visual Presenter as an "Elmo".  But, in this case, Elmo is the brand of Visual Presenter along with JVC and Cannon presenters.

General Troubleshooting

  • Has no color

  • Move "color - B/W" switch to "color."

  • Has wrong colors

    Move "Auto-Manu" switch to correct.

  • Looks like a photo negative

    Move "Posi-Nega" switch to correct. 

  • Is fuzzy

    Push focus button for best focus. 

  • Is too large or too small

    Push zoom buttons for correct size.

  • To view small objects or slides

    Press Lock release on camera arm
    and push down to minimum distance. 

  • Picture too dark or light from the visual presenter

    To view transparencies, dark:
    Set lamp select to BASE, turn lamp on. 

    To view transparencies, light:
    Adjust IRIS control for good picture 

    Viewing paper or objects:
    Adjust IRIS control for good picture.
    Turn off BASE lamp (room lights must be on).

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