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Podium Garage

Equipment is housed in the garage portion of the podium.  The Podium Garage is designed to be portable and create flexible learning spaces. Each garage has a VCR player, a DVD player and a Dell computer, flat panel computer monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse.

Click to view a variation of the equipment in the podium garage.


The VCR player and DVD player are connected to a 2 way switch “AB” except in the rooms that have an analog vizcam, then it ’s a 4 way switch "ABCD".

To display:

  • VCR or DVD player- select the appropriate switch and set the projector display to "Video 1" on the remote
  • Computer- set the projector display to "Comp 1".

Projector troubleshooting is the same as listed for NEC LT380 projectors and the VCR player as listed under VCR's.  

NEC projector remote is like a wireless mouse to allow one to move about the room while controlling a presentation. To use Laser pointer, press "Comp 1".

Podium Garage NEC LT380 Remote Select Source for DVD / VCRDVD and VCRDell ComputerPhillips DVD Remote

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