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Elmo EV-368

Elmo Presenter Back of Elmo Focus and Zoom Lamp and Select Elmo Power




Using the TechnologyCheat Sheet


The Elmo EV-368 document camera has three functioning parts: the base, the arm, and the head.

The power switch is on the top left-hand corner, and the arm release button is located on the arm itself. The arm release button allows the arm of the document camera to be lowered or raised.

The input selection panel has controls for selecting video input from the document camera or PC. There are also controls for the adjustment of the white balance and switching between positive and negative images, for use with dark papers or photo negative strips.

The head of the camera is connected to the top arm piece by a swivel connector. Pressing the button at this joint allows the head to swivel in a 90 degree arc. This allows the user to display slides behind the document camera. This is sometimes used so that students can share poster presentations or larger materials.

Located either on the head or on the bottom right-hand corner of the base are buttons that control the zoom and focus of the camera lens. The "T" stands for "tight-shot," while "W" corresponds with "wide-shot." 


Poor Color / Dark Picture

  • White Balance should be set to Auto
  • Posi/Nega should be set to ‘Posi’
  • Color/B&W should be set to your preference
  • The Iris dial should be in the 12 o’clock position




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