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Computer Configuration

Computers used by IDS in the techrooms are Dell models 745's, Dell 755's,

and HP Thin Clients.

All Dell Systems

  • Small footprint case with DVD and floppy drive
  • 17” flat panel monitor
  • 2 USB connectors on front (by power button)
  • USB keyboard
  • USB LED mouse

HP Thin Client Systems

  • 17" Flat panel monitor with small case mounted on back
  • 2 USB connectors on front (front of cpu faces to the right of monitor and by power button)
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • No FLoppy or DVD drive

Please Note:  To ensure software and hardware integrity and licensing compliance, additional software may not be loaded on any IDS Multimedia computers. Instructors are requested to follow these guidelines and fill out the form "Request to Install Non-Standard Software" if there is course related software they would like to use in the techroom.   Contact the helpdesk for questions or assistance with your request.

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