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Career Center

Online Job Placement Center --  The purpose of the center is to allow MCC students and alumni to connect with local, regional, and national job opportunities and provide employers with a user-friendly means to connect with MCC students and alums.

Benefits for Students

  • Ability to manage their job search electronically with online profiles, resumes, and resources
  • Ability to search a database of employers interested in hiring MCC students and alums
  • Ability to search for willing internship hosts and volunteer opportunities

Benefits for Employers

  • Ability to manage job postings, internship postings, and volunteer opportunities electronically
  • Ability to search database of qualified, interested students and alums

Carpooling Available

Carpool to any of our six campus/center locations. MetrO rideshare.com is a rideshare service which is easy to use and links potential riders by location/destination, communicating through blind emails.

Follow the directions provided to begin using this service.

Tips For Carpooling

  • Decide who will drive and when
  • Choose a convenient meeting place
  • Set up a schedule and stick to it
  • Make sure everyone knows the schedule and is notified of changes
  • Establish a fare
  • If you share the driving equally, you don't need to exchange money
  • If one person drives, you can simply agree on a mutually acceptable fare
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good repair and has enough gas

* Carpooling is a voluntary rideshare service and the College is not responsible for any carpool situation. All participants are responsible for their own carpool situation. All participants are responsible for their own safety.

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