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Human Relations Service-Learning Project Resources
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Below are resources to help you with your Human Relations Service-Learning Project. If you are a Faculty member, please click here for more resources.

**Please Note: Students only get notations on their transcripts for service-learning if they complete 6 hours outside of the classroom. The service-learning office keeps a record of all hours turned in. Once students reach the requirement, we add the notation to transcripts and award certificates.

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Find a project, organization or community partner you would like to work with. You do not have to chose from the below list, but these are suggestions to help facilitate your service-learning opportunities. Please check with your professor to ensure the project you selected meets course requirements.

  • Visit the Midwest Service-Learning Website for a comprehensive list of service sites.
  • Mission for All Nations: Courtney Raab at (402) 733-1904 Ext. 10
  • New Covenant Justice & Peace Center: Maureen Connolly (402)345-1368 or email.
  • City Sprouts: Jeanine Dickes (402) 680-0118
  • MCC Volunteer Corps: Queen Tucker (402)457-2813 or email ertucker@mccneb.edu. Click here to go to our Calendar for opportunities coming up soon.

Please note: Some organizations require applications, interviews or background checks prior to volunteering, account for additional time in the event these are required. All hours spent in training, interviews, and doing background checks count as part of the service-learning hours.

Establish contact with an organization or individual and set up dates and times for your service. Scripts are available to help facilitate contact at the bottom of this page with the resources. Training and time spent completing other required aspects for a volunteer position can be counted in accumulative time for Service-Learning, but only in conjunction with service at the same organization.

After you have completed your service project, turn in your certification form to your professor and e-mail the following information to the Service-Learning Office lmspaustat@mccneb.edu. Please type the information in the body of the email.

  • The name of everyone in your group
  • Student ID#s of everyone in the group
  • Organization you volunteered with
  • Number of hours served
  • Professor's name or Course #
  • Copies of your Final PowerPoint presentations or reflection papers from your course. (Optional)

Please note if you do not email the correct information in its entirety (including the ID#s for everyone in your group) we will not be able to record your service.


If you have any questions about the information here please contact Lindsey Spaustat lmspaustat@mccneb.edu or call 402-457-2324.

If you have any questions about the requirements for your service project please contact your professor.

Last updated on 9/12/13

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