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Below are a few resources for faculty in developing service-learning curriculum and implementing critical reflection.

Service Learning Tips for Instructors (HMRL)

by Metropolitan Community College HMRL Faculty

This document outlines some tips for faculty, in particular of Human Relations courses, requiring the Service-Learning component. In addition there is also a form for students to take to organizations to validate service and behavior expectations. Students have access to these forms on the Service-Learning Human Relations page. Please keep in mind these are tips for faculty. Guidelines are currently being developed.

Generating, Deepening, and Documenting Learning: the Power of Critical Reflection

by Patti H. Clayton, Ph.D.

This document is supporting material for a workshop that guides participants through a process of (1) articulating learning goals and objectives, (2) designing critical reflection accordingly, and (3) integrating critical reflection with formative and summative assessment of learning.

Assessing Service-Learning Impacts at Higher Education Institutions

by Hanover Research

In this report, Hanover Research provides an initial overview of service-learning and the institutionalization of service-learning at the university level. The body of the report primarily focuses on assessment models for university service-learning programs, followed by case studies of methods for evaluating the impact of service-learning used at four universities.

Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education

Edited by Sarena D. Seifer and Kara Connors, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health for Learn and Serve America's National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

This is a toolkit that provides information on understanding service-learning, establishing partnerships in the community, building course infrastructure and sustaining service-learning courses.

MCC Service-Learning Presentation

by Penny Boykins and Jennie Tullos

This is the presentation Service-Learning uses to introduce faculty and students to the concept of service-learning, reflection, and what MCC Service-Learning Office contributes.








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