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Participant Quotes

"The teachers care about more than just the classes. They care about the students."

"The advisors really help you understand what you need to do."

"It's a lot of fun. I've made great friends. We study together and hang out every week."

"My study habits are better. It's gotten me ready to finish my degree."

"I'm going to be an elementary school teacher. I'll be here (at MCC) one more year and then every class will transfer to UNO."

"I plan to transfer to UNL next year, and I feel like this has really prepared me."

“I was able to adjust to what college life is like.  I learned better time management with school, work, and friends.”

“I feel that my teachers worked very hard to prepare me for a four-year university.”

“The teachers were very helpful and they took the time to get to know the students and the advisors informed the students about upcoming scholarships.”

“I was able to be comfortable when giving presentations, speeches, and other assignments in front of a group because I knew all my classmates so well.”

“I feel that this program has allowed my personality to shine through because I felt so comfortable being with the same students all year.”

“I thought it was a good way to meet people and to find out if you are really ready for college.”

“The program was great and helped me out a lot in deciding about college and my career.”

“The advisors were amazing.”

“It changed the way I looked at school and really helped my study habits.  I’m not really sure what I’d be doing right now if it wasn’t for this program.”

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