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2014 - 2015
Elkhorn Valley Campus

Each Passport team is comprised of a group of up to 25 students. Courses included in the Passport Program are intended to satisfy general education transfer requirements at four-year colleges and universities. If you have questions, please contact the Academic Advisors listed on the Passport webpage.


Fall Quarter 2014
ENGL 1010 – English Composition I - T, TH   10am - Noon

HIST 1110 - World Civilization I - M, W   10am - Noon
PSYC 1010 – Introduction to Psychology - T, Th  Noon - 2pm

Winter Quarter 2014-2015
ENGL 1020 – English Composition II - T, TH  10am - Noon
SPCH 1110 - Public Speaking - T, TH  Noon - 2pm
ELECTIVE - Student & advisor to choose course

Spring Quarter 2015

POLS 2050 - American National Government - M, W  10am - Noon
ENGL 2530 - Ethnic Literature - M, W   Noon - 2 pm
ELECTIVE - Student & advisor to choose course



  • Students can always add additional courses to the schedules above.
  • While students may transfer after completing the Passport Program, students can also choose to stay at MCC to complete more transferable courses or an Associate's Degree.
  • Completing the courses above does not guarantee admission into any four-year institution.
  • The courses in the Passport Program are in the Communication, Cultural Diversity, Social Science, and Humanities General Education categories at four-year institutions. Completing the courses above does not mean the students will have completely satisfied the category for the four-year institution. For example, UNO requires English Composition I & II plus an upper-level communications course taken in the junior/senior year so an additional communication course at UNO will be necessary. Four-year institutions may have additional General Education categories in Math, Science, Physical Education, Religion, etc. that are not included in the Passport Program. These courses would need to be taken in addition to the courses above and could be completed at MCC or the four-year institution.
  • If a student has a high school deficiency, these courses may be used by four-year institutions to fulfill a deficiency requirement. Please check with the four-year institution.
  • To be eligible to start the Passport Program, students need an ACT score of 18 or higher in English and Reading, or test into college-level Reading and English through the COMPASS or ASSET tests. Students do not need to be college-level in mathematics or science, but if planning on taking a math/science course, will need to take the appropriate pre-requisite courses, including developmental, to register.


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