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Health Information Technology (HITP)

HITP 1005

Introduction to Electronic Health Records

HITP 1010
Intro to Health Information Technology

HITP 1115

Electronic Health Records Lab Experience

HITP 1145

Healthcare Applications I

  HITP 1310
Principles of Healthcare Management
HITP 1415
Workflow Redesign I
HITP 1510
Working with EHR Systems
HITP 1511
Workflow Redesign II
HITP 1512
Usability and Health Information Systems
HITP 1615
Install, Maintain, and Configure EHRs
HITP 1616
Health Information Exchange
HITP 1701
Training EHR/HIT Users
HITP 2040
Information Systems in Healthcare

HITP 2940

Health IT Capstone

HITP 2981

Health IT Internship

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