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Arts (ARTS)
ARTS 1000
Introduction to the Visual Arts
ARTS 1010
Elementary Drawing
ARTS 1020
2-D Design
ARTS 1030
3-D Design
ARTS 1040
New Media Design
ARTS 1050
Creative Careers
ARTS 1110
Art History-Ancient to Gothic
ARTS 1120
Art History-Renaissance to Modern
ARTS 2010
Life Drawing
ARTS 2020
Elementary Painting
ARTS 2025
ARTS 2030
Elementary Sculpture
ARTS 2040
Elementary Printmaking
ARTS 2050
Elementary Ceramics
ARTS 2060
Elementary Jewelry

ARTS 2110

Intermediate Drawing

ARTS 2120

Intermediate Painting

ARTS 2130
Intermediate Sculpture

ARTS 2140

Intermediate Printmaking

ARTS 2150

Intermediate Ceramics

ARTS 2160

Intermediate Jewelry

ARTS 2220

Art Gallery Management

ARTS 2230

Native American Art

ARTS 2560

Portfolio Development and Professional Practice

ARTS 2900

Special Topics in Art

ARTS 2981


ARTS 2981


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