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Dental Assisting (DENT)
DENT 1000
Introduction to Dental Assisting
DENT 1020
Dental Office Procedures
DENT 1100
Dental Anatomy
DENT 1120
Related Anatomy
DENT 1140
Dental Pathology and Microbiology
DENT 1160
Dental Pharmacology
DENT 1180
Nutrition and Preventative Dentistry
DENT 1200
Dental Materials
DENT 1230
Dental Specialties I
DENT 1240
Dental Specialties II
DENT 1260
Infection Control
DENT 1280
Dental Office Emergencies
DENT 1310
Dental Radiology I
DENT 1320
Dental Radiology II
DENT 1350
Chairside Assisting I
DENT 1360
Chairside Assisting II
DENT 1370
Chairside Assisting III
DENT 1991
Clinical Experience I
DENT 1992
Clinical Experience II
DENT 1993
Clinical Seminar
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