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Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management (HLSM)
HLSM 1000
Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management Orientation
HLSM 2200
Floral Design: Weddings
HLSM 1010
Introduction to Horticulture
HLSM 2210
HLSM 1020
Introduction to Aquaponics
HLSM 2300
Advanced Design
HLSM 1030
Introduction to Floral Design
HLSM 2310
Construction Documents and Details
HLSM 1100
Perennials: Culture and Identification
HLSM 2320
Grounds Construction and Maintenance
HLSM 1110
Turfgrass Management
HLSM 2330
Therapeutic Horticulture
HLSM 1120
Pomology: Culture and Identification
HLSM 2340
Introduction to Regional Planning
HLSM 1130
Deciduous Trees: Culture and Identification
HLSM 2400
Site Systems
HLSM 1140
Coniferous Trees: Culture and Identification
HLSM 2410
Seed Propagation
HLSM 1150
Shrubs: Culture and Identification
HLSM 2415
Vegetative Propagation
HLSM 1160
Culinary Herb Cultivation

HLSM 2420

Plant Pathology

HLSM 1210
Floral Design: Specialty Events and Occasions
HLSM 2425
HLSM 1220
Floral Design: Tablescapes and Hospitality
HLSM 2500
Small Market Farming
HLSM 1300
History of Design
HLSM 2510
HLSM 1310
Introduction to Design
HLSM 2520
Introduction to Small Animal Husbandry
HLSM 1320
Landscape Graphics
HLSM 2610
Floriculture Production
HLSM 1400
Natural Systems and Sustainability
HLSM 2620
Nursery and Garden Center Practices
HLSM 2630
Horticulture Business and Entrepreneurship
HLSM 2900
Special Topics in HLSM
HLSM 2910
HLSM 2920
Special Projects in Horticulture
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