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Human Services (HMSV)
HMSV 1010
Introduction to Human Services
HMSV 1110
Interpersonal Communication Skills
HMSV 1120
Helping Skills/Techniques
HMSV 1130
Introduction to Counseling Theories
HMSV 1140
Assessment, Case Planning and Management
HMSV 1150
Community Resources
HMSV 1160
Medical/Social Aspects of Addictions
HMSV 2050
Professional Ethics and Issues
HMSV 2110
Group Counseling
HMSV 2120
Social Services Policy
HMSV 2130
Treatment Issues in Chemical Dependency
HMSV 2140
Family Therapy
HMSV 2150
Multicultural Counseling
HMSV 2160
Advanced Group Skills
HMSV 2250
Survey of Exceptional Populations
HMSV 2310
HMSV 2450
Crisis Intervention
HMSV 2900
Special Topics in Human Services
HMSV 2991
Practicum I/General Human Services
HMSV 2992
Practicum II/General Human Services
HMSV 2993
Practicum III/General Human Services
HMSV 2994
Practicum I/Chemical Dependency Counseling
HMSV 2995
Practicum II/Chemical Dependency Counseling
HMSV 2996
Practicum III/Chemical Dependency Counseling
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