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Business Management (BSAD)
BSAD 1000
Introduction to Business
BSAD 1004
Introduction to E-Commerce
BSAD 1010
Principles of Marketing
BSAD 1100
Business Law I
BSAD 1110
Business Law II
BSAD 1200
Principles of Selling
BSAD 1201
Advertising and Sales Promotion
BSAD 1202
Direct Marketing Methods
BSAD 1210
BSAD 1250
Non-Profit Management
BSAD 1300
Introduction to Quality Management
BSAD 1600
Principles of Supervision
BSAD 2100
Principles of Management
BSAD 2300
Quality Management: Statistical Process Control
BSAD 2400
Business Logistics
BSAD 2410
Purchasing and Materials Management
BSAD 2420
Production and Operations Management
BSAD 2600
Human Resources Management
BSAD 2610
Labor/Management Relations
BSAD 2630
Human Resource Development
BSAD 2700
Introduction to International Business
BSAD 2710
Import/Export Operations
BSAD 2720
International Marketing Management
BSAD 2800
Ethics in Accounting and Business
BSAD 2900
Special Topics in Business
BSAD 2940
Business Plan Capstone
BSAD 2941
Capstone in E-Commerce
BSAD 2981
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