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Civil Engineering (SCET)
SCET 1000
Civil Engineering Fundamentals
SCET 1030
Project Management
SCET 1040
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
SCET 1050
Building Construction
SCET 1060
Engineering Geology
SCET 1070
Contracts and Specifications
SCET 1080
Estimating Construction Costs

SCET 1090

ArcGIS Fundamentals

SCET 1120
AutoCAD Essentials

SCET 1130
Beginning REVIT (Structure)
SCET 1150
AutoCAD Civil 3-D
SCET 1200
Surveying Fundamentals
SCET 2010
Fluid Mechanics
SCET 2220
Transit and Traverse Surveying
SCET 2240
Mappping, Staking and GPS
SCET 2300
Structures I
SCET 2310
Structures II
SCET 2320
Structures III
SCET 2410
Civil Site Design
SCET 2420
Roadway Design
SCET 2981
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