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Process Operations Technology (PROT)
PROT 1000
Introduction to Process and Power Operations
PROT 1010
Safety Topics for Process and Power Operations

PROT 1020

Introduction to Process Operations in Manufacturing Technology

PROT 1030

Introduction to Quality and Continuous Improvement

PROT 1100
Process Instrumentation and Control
PROT 1110
Reading and Understanding Process Diagrams
PROT 1250
Basic Electricity for Power and Process

PROT 1302

Stationary Engineering I

PROT 1320
Fuel Handling
PROT 2200
Dynamics of Process Control
PROT 2210
Ethanol Process Fundamentals

PROT 2302

Stationary Engineering II

PROT 2310
Steam Plant Operation I

PROT 2320
Steam Plant Operation II

PROT 2330

Steam Plant Operation III

PROT 2410

Nuclear Plant Operation I

PROT 2420

Nuclear Plant Operation II

PROT 2900

Special Topics in Process Operations Technology

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