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Industrial & Commercial Trades (INCT)
INCT 0900
Introduction to the Trades
INCT 1000
Industrial Safety and Health
INCT 1010
Introduction to the Trades II
INCT 1020
Lead Safe Practices I
INCT 1050
Mechanical Print Reading

INCT 1100

Logistics & Warehousing for Applied Technologies

INCT 1212
Motor and Machine Controls
INCT 1301
Home/Building Maintenance Carpentry
INCT 1303
Basic Plumbing
INCT 1304
Small Engine Repair
INCT 1500
Introduction to Distribution
INCT 2050
Problem Solving

INCT 2060
Mechanical Power Systems

INCT 2070
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
INCT 2231
Programmable Logic Controllers I
INCT 2232
Programmable Logic Controllers II
INCT 2235
Programmable Logic Controllers Applications
INCT 2900
Special Topics in INCT
INCT 2981
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