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Construction (CNST)
CNST 0050
Print Reading I - Residential
CNST 1000
Introduction to Building Construction
CNST 1010
Print Reading II - Residential/Light Commercial
CNST 1015
Print Reading III Commercial
CNST 1050
Introduction to Carpentry
CNST 1070
EIFS and Stucco Finish

CNST 1110

Construction Safety (10-hour)

CNST 1220
Remodeling and Deconstruction

CNST 1250
Interior Finish

CNST 1255

Commercial Framing

CNST 1262
Cabinet Design, Manufacturing and Assembly
CNST 1270
General Painting, Staining and Cabinet Finishing

CNST 1350
Floor, Wall and Ceiling Framing

CNST 1355

Commercial Finish

CNST 1370
Exterior Finish
CNST 1400
Introduction to Masonry

CNST 1410
Advanced Masonry Construction

CNST 1500
Introduction to Concrete

CNST 1510
Concrete and Wall Forms
CNST 2050
Builders Level, Transit and Building Layout
CNST 2100
Construction Safety (30-hour)
CNST 2130
Construction Estimating
CNST 2140
Jobsite Management
CNST 2150
Construction Law
CNST 2360
Roof Framing
CNST 2380
Stair Construction
CNST 2900
Special Topics in CNST
CNST 2981
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